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Murphy’s Laws Of Elementary School

Murphy’s Laws of Elementary School

  • The day after you buy your child a new wardrobe, your principal will announce the new dress code.
  • If your child leaves the house wearing yesterday’s dirty shirt, the state senator will drop by for an assembly and photo-op.
  • If your child wears a white shirt for his band concert, the cafeteria will serve spaghetti and chocolate pudding.
  • If your child can’t find her sneakers, it must be gym day.
  • If your child gives himself a haircut, tomorrow will be picture day.
  • The morning your kids finally get up and ready on time, the bus will be late.
  • When you finally get the baby down for a nap, the nurse will call you to pick up a sick kid.
  • If there is a HazMat team outside of your child’s school, the chemical spill will have happened in her classroom.
  • If you buy the Superman backpack your son has been asking for all summer, on the first day of school he will cry that he wanted Batman.
  • If anyone is going to throw up on the field trip, it is going to be the kid sitting right next to you.


Note: If you are wondering about the last statement. Yes, my husband was thrown up on during a 3rd grade field trip to the theater. That was the last time he chaperoned!

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