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OYO Sports Minifigures

OYO Sports Minifigures

My son is a big fan of mini figurines. He is also very loyal to his favorite sports teams.

OYO Sports brings both of these passions together into one product.

Evan couldn’t wait to tear into the packages when they arrived. Well he didn’t actually “tear” them. He is the type of kid who saves the boxes.

He received 2 mystery packs of Giants players plus an Odell Beckham Jr. and an Eli Manning (his favorite) figure. Wouldn’t you know the 2 mystery boxes contained Eli Manning figures as well! Maybe, he will share with his brother.

We were excited to see that these figures will work with Evan’s existing LEGO collection.

Since he was little, Evan has always loved the NY Mets mascot, Mr.Met. Imagine how excited he was when he found out OYO Sports featured a Mr.Met minifigure as well.

Evan is adding more minifigures and playsets to his Christmas list. Luckily there are many NFL, MLB, MLS, NHL, and Collegiate teams to choose from.

I received OYO Sports Minifigures in exchange for a review, but my opinions are strictly my own. 

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