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Real Mornings

Real Mornings

School mornings are tough. One minute I think I have it all together, the next minute my son decides to play his sister’s recorder instead of eating breakfast!

The back to school season is a popular time for moms and dads to make resolutions. I want to make my morning routine run more seamlessly and keep all of my kids’ papers organized. According to a survey by Nutri-Grain, 84% of parents make resolutions ahead of the new school year, but 63% break them within the first few months. To stay on track, parents have done some hilarious things. 52% of dads admit their personal grooming entails shaving during morning commute, while 62% (vs. 51% of moms) are more likely to bribe their children to stay on track of their resolutions.

Nutri-Grain bars have always been a staple in our morning routine. In order to keep families moving through back to school mornings at the speed of life, they have started the #RealMorning campaign for this school year. It aims to highlight these real parenting moments and interesting stats to encourage parents to not skip breakfast and instead grab a portable, easy and delicious breakfast on the go.

I’d love to see what your morning looks like. Snap a photo and share it with #RealMorning.


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