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Shark Rocket Powerhead

Shark Rocket Powerhead

A few years ago, I instituted a chore chart in order to teach my children basic household responsibilities. Chore charts teach responsibility and help encourage kids to set goals. By linking responsibilities to privileges, we can reward responsible behavior and provide consequences when our children do not follow through.

It is important to make learning responsibility fun. Children are motivated when they know they are working toward something and feel like they are doing a good job. Setting up a chore chart is a good reminder for us, as parents, to focus on the positive. Making children accountable for their chores is a great way for them to learn responsibility.

Ever since we received our Shark Rocket Powerhead, the kids have been clamoring to help vacuum. Linus, especially loves how lightweight and easy the Powerhead is to use. I love how convenient it is to transition from hardwood floor to carpeting.


Shark Rocket ® Powerhead

  • Weighs a total of nine pounds, and less than one pound in hand when vacuuming
  • Interchangeable brushrolls are easy to assemble and clean via innovative roller garage
  • Carpet & Floor Brush and Gentle Touch Hard Floor Brushroll clean carpets, rugs and hard floor surfaces
  • Fingertip Controls for easy transitions between hard floors, carpet and area rugs
  • Multi-position adjustable heights tailored to personal preference and compact storage
  • Breakthrough engineering combines motor and dust cup in the head of the vacuum, reducing airflow path and maximizing efficiency and power
  • Available at all major retailers nationwide in August, starting at $169 MSRP


I received a Shark Rocket Powerhead in exchange for a review, but my opinions are strictly my own. 

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