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Smart Snacking For Back To School

Smart Snacking for Back to School

Back to school means back to making lunches and packing snacks.

Everyone at my house is so picky. Josie won’t eat peanut butter (plus her friends sit at the peanut-free table and she wants to be with them.) Lucie won’t eat most breads. Linus prefers to graze, and half his lunch either comes back home or winds up in the cafeteria’s trash can. Evan will pretty much eat whatever I send in, but I like to make sure he is getting the proper nutrition he needs before he heads off to cross country practice after school.

I’m also hyper aware of peanut allergies, with at least two of my kids in a peanut-free classroom. The kids and I are always coming up with new nut-free ideas. When I find a packaged snack that is safe for school I get very excited. It’s even better when the snack is a must-have item on our lunchbox wish-list.

When Bitsy’s reached out to me to see if my kids would like to try their new Good Cookies, I couldn’t wait to receive a box of their goodies. Bitsy’s wants to help kids and parents start off the school year on the right foot. Their mission revolves around healthy eating habits, positivity, and kindness. Good Cookies are imprinted with powerful, inspirational messages. These uplifting messages are a reminder for kids to chare with their friends. These uplifting messages are a great reminder for our kids to share with their classmates.

Some of the inspirational words – chosen by kids themselves – include:

  • Kind is Cool
  • Dream Big
  • Be Brave
  • You Rock
  • Imagine

I love that Bitsy’s has found a way to incorporate veggies into their delicious cookies and crackers. Also, all Bitsy’s products are created in a nut-free facility so they are safe to bring to school.

In an effort to make the world a bit better, in 2018, Bitsy’s will donate a portion of sales to organizations that inspire and encourage kids to lead healthier lives.

Bitsy’s are available in-store and through their new subscription service. You can even request a free trial on their website so you can let your kids find their favorite flavors. All you have to do is pay the shipping and handling.

Happy snacking!



I received this product in exchange for this post, but the thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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