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His classroom assignment for next year is TBD.

TBD are very big letters for a little boy who is sometimes anxious about school.

“I don’t have a teacher next year.”

Some mornings he cries when he leaves me. He loves school, but he misses me. It’s quite the dilemma.

“What happens if I go to school and there isn’t a teacher in my classroom?”

No matter how many times I tried to ease his mind, the same questions kept resurfacing.

Perusing the yearbook tonight, we searched out familiar faces. We are holding out hope some of his beloved playmates are TBD too.

The unknown is a scary place for a newly minted second grader. Before we know it, TBD will transform into a name. Eventually, that name will evoke a familiar face.

Here’s to embracing all that is TBD.

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