Are you feeling overwhelmed? Luckily, the Global Day of Unplugging (March 1) reminds you (and your little ones) to take a break from screens. Connecting with family and friends over a new puzzle from Rubik’s is a great way to unwind and have fun too!

Rubik’s Retro Cube

Relive the nostalgia with the Rubik’s Retro Cube, the ultimate blast from the past for fans & collectors! This classic-colored 3×3 cube is modeled after the 1980s first edition, complete with sharp edges, clunky turning, peelable stickers & retro logo on its 50th anniversary golden side. It is beautifully packaged in a replica of the original Deluxe Edition display case with a 50th-anniversary logo.

Rubik’s Gridlock

Unlock a new challenge & test your skills with the Rubik’s Gridlock. Flip over a challenge card to reveal your puzzle, and place the fixed white starter blocks as shown. Solve by fitting the remaining color blocks on the board without moving or overlapping with the starter blocks. Complete all 88 challenges with four difficulty levels for endless critical thinking & stimulating fun. Challenge cards and puzzle pieces store inside for on-the-go play.