Do your kids get the wiggles every time they get in front of the computer screen? This new mouse is a game-changer when it comes to helping your little ones focus on the task at hand. The Hoglet by Hedgehog Health is a wireless mouse that will make kids want to get their homework done. 

Bringing together fun and functionality, The Hoglet, looks like a baby hedgehog, but don’t worry those quill won’t pinch you. Created by an educator who struggled with ADHD growing up, the Hoglet is the result of years of research, experimenting, and testing. Not only is this fidget gadget a must-have for your little ones with learning challenges such as autism and ADHD, but it’s super cute too. Plus it is available in a variety of colors.  

The Hoglet provides rewarding multi-sensory experiences, intentionally invented to help with physical stimulation not found with traditional computer devices. 

You can find The Hoglet on Amazon for $39.99.