If you’re reading this and don’t already follow me on IG, allow me to do a quick intro. My name is Andrea De La Torre. I’m the owner and founder of Baby Sleep Answers, a baby sleep consulting business and mom of 3. Lately, my IG reels have been blowing up, reaching millions of views in four of my last reels.  If you’re a small business owner out there in this mom/parent space battling the algorithms, my advice is to be yourself, show up consistently and find your niche!

Specifically, what I’ve been focusing on is: relatable content with practical advice and a sense of humor. This means understanding the trends and adding your original spin, posting helpful content for followers without any note of judgment and focusing on real-life situations.

Helpful content without any note of judgment

I try my best to host a judgment-free platform. I’ve grown a pretty thick skin since starting my Instagram account but there’s no escaping the trolls (if ykyk). I know finding a village these days IS HARD, especially if you live far away from family, and especially during a global pandemic. I get it. I’m truly blessed with my real-life village but I know not everyone is this fortunate. So I make sure my platform is that village many are missing: a zone of judgment-free community.

You can’t or don’t want to breastfeed baby? You want to cosleep? You don’t want to cosleep? You want to sleep train? You need to vent about life? Here for you, whatever you decide is best for your child and your family. You want to be lifted up? You need advice? Here for you. You want to just be heard? You need prayers? You want to laugh? Here for you.

I do get very fired up when I see someone put down other moms, or that we have to “put up” with the lack of sleep. Or that anyone wanting more sleep who decides to sleep train is selfish. It’s not! Sleep is a basic human need. Also – and this is a big one – babies need moms who can function. Who are working on thriving. Moms who aren’t so sleep deprived they can’t even feel like themselves. So if you need more sleep. You do you. And I’ll cheer you on while you do it. Let’s stop judging those who sleep train. Let’s stop judging those who don’t.

Relatable content with practical advice

I strive to provide actual, useful information parents can use to help their baby sleep. I give information away for free and I’m original with my content. All those myths you’ve heard about sleep consultants don’t apply to me. I don’t believe you have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. I do believe in sleep science. I don’t believe in not responding to babies when they need us. I do believe in teaching them they can sleep on their own without hours of crying if that is what is best for a family.

Scroll my IG or blog and you might just find the answer you’re looking for to help you with baby sleep!

Real-life situations with humor

Way back when I had this assumption that moms who had babies who slept had it all together. What could they possibly struggle with if they’re saying their baby sleeps through the night? Only now, three babies later, do I realize how wrong I was (and if you’re a parent, you know, too). A million things is the answer. Talking about those million things is how we build a village.

When I post about real-life situations and add my humor, people relate. And isn’t that what we need in a mom village – virtual or otherwise? If your baby isn’t sleeping it doesn’t make you a bad mom. Your baby’s ability to sleep well is not a measure of your parenting abilities. And my community celebrates that. So if you’re looking for a village with baby sleep advice and some humor every now and again come follow along! There’s room for everyone.

About the Writer

Andrea De La Torre

Andrea De La Torre is the owner and founder of Baby Sleep Answers. She is a baby sleep consultant and mom of 2 boys (who fought sleep with a passion) & 1 girl. She is certified through the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting and offers fellow parents all her tips and tricks on her Instagram, through virtual consults and through her ebooks. She has worked with tens of thousands of moms to help them understand their unique baby’s sleep needs and help them feel better rested