Are you looking for a playroom redo? More than a piece of furniture, Nugget’s original play couch offers a wealth of playtime possibilities. The opportunities are as endless as your little one’s imagination.


Nugget’s modular design allows for infinite configurations ranging from castles to pirate ships. With just a flip, the Nugget will transform from a spaceship to a cozy reading nook.

The Nugget is made up of four pieces including two supportive pillows, one soft cushion, and one secure base. Plus you can match any decor with 15 custom colors from brights to neutrals.

The Nugget was made with little ones in mind and realizes that playtime often comes with spills and unavoidable messes. With machine-washable covers, cleaning up after playtime has never been easier. If you have potty trainers or pets, waterproof liner sets are available for an extra layer of assurance. You can also buy additional cover sets if you want to change the look of your Nugget.

With so many uses for rest and play, the Nugget is the ultimate addition to your child’s creative toolbox.