Do you wish you could seamlessly record and share all of your family’s special moments and milestones? Qeepsake recently announced its new video feature. This highly anticipated feature in the Qeepsake App will allow Premium Members to upload unlimited videos directly through the app and revisit the memory in their digital Qeepsake journal.

For any videos over 60 seconds, the feature includes a trimming option so members can choose the most impactful moment. Members can add additional contributors to their account at no extra cost, making it safe and easy to share memories with friends and family. Members will also receive animated gifs of their videos in recap emails. Family and friends will also receive this animated GIF alongside other entries and photos in weekly recap emails. 

The new video feature perfectly aligns with the 100+ milestones available in the app. There are milestones for all kinds of families and include the following unique journeys: IVF, adoption, pregnancy, NICU, baby, childhood, school and parenting firsts. Qeepsake Video will allow members to expand their memory capturing capabilities for years to come. 

“Qeepsake Video is the most requested feature we have received from our members, and we are thrilled that it’s finally live in the Qeepsake App you know and love. From a baby’s laugh to a child’s first soccer game, some memories are best captured through video,” said Jeff McNeil, CEO and Co-Founder of Qeepsake. “I hope this new capability becomes a modern version of those classic home videos and enables families to capture and cherish even more memories.”

Qeepsake offers three membership tiers including Lite (free), Plus ($3.99 per month) and Premium ($7.99 per month). Qeepsake Premium includes video, milestones, adding journal contributors, the ability to edit entries and photos and much more. Plus and Premium members also have the option to create a Qeepsake book at any time. To learn more about Qeepsake, visit