There’s nothing like introducing a good bookto get your children off of their screens and excited to venture outdoors. These STEM and nature titles will inspire your kids to look beyond their smartphones and tablets. Grab a few of these books which are sure to get your kids thinking and tinkering.

Violet and the Pie of Life by Debra Green (Holiday House, for ages 8–12, on sale 3/9/2021)

Twelve-year-old Violet has two great loves in her life: math and pie. She also loves her parents, even though her mom is a bit of a nagger and her dad can be unreliable. Combined with friendship troubles, Violet realizes friendship and family have more variables than she thought. Filled with warmth, math-y humor, and delicious pie, this heartfelt book includes illustrated charts, graphs, and diagrams throughout.

Mysteries on Zoo Lane 3: Zebra at the Zoo by Patricia Reilly Giff, illustrated by Abby Carter (Holiday House, for ages 7–10, on sale 3/16/2021)

A broken fence and an animal on the loose take center stage in book three of this series from a two-time Newbery Honor winning author. Patricia Reilly Giff has once again crafted a lively mystery about conservation, animal care, friendship, and problem-solving.

Beatrice Bly’s Rules for Spies 1: The Missing Hamster by Sue Fliess, illustrated by Beth Mills (Pixel+Ink, for ages 4–7, on sale 4/13/2021) 

In this new picture book series, a young spy in training puts her sneaky skills to the test to solve childhood mysteries. When the class hamster goes missing, will Beatrice be able to find out what happened? Clever and determined, Beatrice invites young readers to hone their problem solving and deduction skills.

My Tiny Life by Ruby T. Hummingbird by Paul Meisel (Holiday House, for ages 4–8, on sale 4/13/2021)

Tiny but mighty! A ruby throated hummingbird tells his own life story in this funny, bright, informative entry to the critically acclaimed Nature Diary science series. Children will love poring over the bright, highly detailed illustrations and pondering ideas about nature.

Fearless World Traveler: Adventures of Marianne North, Botanical Artist by Laurie Lawlor, illustrated by Becca Stadtlander (Holiday House, for ages 6–9, on sale 5/11/2021)

Scientist. Artist. Rule-breaker. Award-winning author Laurie Lawlor deftly chronicles Marianne North’s life, from her restrictive childhood to her wild world travels to the opening of the Marianne North Gallery at Kew Gardens to her death in 1890. Becca Stadtlander’s award-winning lush artwork pairs wonderfully with the natural themes.

Marshes & Swamps (New and Updated) by Gail Gibbons (Holiday House, for ages 4–8, on sale 5/11/2021)

Comparing and contrasting the different types of wetlands, Marshes & Swamps explores the basics of wetland formation, the differences between saltwater and freshwater ecosystems, and what types of plants and trees flourish in each. This new- and-updated edition features the latest information about wetland conservation.

Hello, Moon by Julie Downing (Neal Porter Books / Holiday House, for ages 4–6, on sale 5/25/2021)

This perfect bedtime read-aloud describes that magical time, just as we’re drifting off to sleep, when the moon the moon shines brightly and life emerges from the forest. A gentle rhyming text that will appeal to the youngest child is illustrated with soft and dreamy artwork in the tradition of Goodnight Moon.

Breaking Waves: Winslow Homer Paints the Sea by Robert Burleigh, illustrated by Wendell Minor (Neal Porter Books / Holiday House, for ages 4–8, on sale 6/1/2021)

When Winslow Homer watches the sea, he studies it patiently, making sure to notice every detail. This picture book describes the artist’s process from season to season and shows the many colors he used to depict the changing sea. Additional content in the back of the book further explains his work and passion for the ocean.

Trillium Sisters 1: The Triplets Get Charmed and Trillium Sisters 2: Bestie Day by Laura Brown and Elly Kramer, illustrated by Sarah Mesinga (Pixel+Ink, for ages 7–9, on sale 6/1/2021)

In this new series, three sisters with mysterious origins use their superpowers to solve problems around them and protect their mountain home. In The Triplets Get Charmed, the girls discover they have superpowers and rescue their younger brother, who has fallen into a ravine. In Bestie Day, when the ecosystem of their home is threatened, the triplets join forces and channel their superpowers to save the day.

Everywhere Blue by Joanne Rossmassler Fritz (Holiday House, for ages 8–12, on sale 6/1/2021) 

When twelve-year-old Maddie’s older brother vanishes from his college campus, her carefully ordered world falls apart. Strum’s disappearance turns her family upside down, revealing painful secrets that threaten the life they’ve always known. Drowning in grief and confusion, the family’s musical household falls silent. This powerful debut novel in verse addresses the climate crisis, intergenerational discourse, and mental illness in an accessible, hopeful way.

The Most Perfect Thing in the Universe by Tricia Springstrubb (Margaret Ferguson Books / Holiday House, for ages 8–12, on sale 6/1/2021)

Eleven-year-old Loah Londonderry is definitely a homebody. While her mother works to save endangered birds in the Arctic tundra, Loah anxiously awaits her return. When Dr. Londonderry sets off on a perilous solo quest, Loah wonders if her mother cares more about birds than own her daughter. After a series of unfortunate events, Loah finds herself alone—except for her friend Ellis—and tasked with finding the courage and heart to find help for her mother, who is lost at the top of the world.

The Dirt Book: Poems About Animals That Live Beneath Our Feet by David L. Harrison, illustrated by Kate Cosgrove (Holiday House, for ages 5–8, on sale 6/8/2021)

Dirt! It’s made of chipped rocks, decaying animals, fungi, and germs. It’s food for plants and home to animals of all kinds. Fifteen poems explore the underground lives of earthworms, spiders, ants, chipmunks, and more. Spectacular art is oriented for an extra-long view to better depict life down deep.

Numbers Everywhere by Linda Leopold Strauss, illustrated by Sara Infante (Holiday House, for ages 3–6, on sale 6/22/2021)

Look up! Look Down! Look here! Look there! Number shapes are everywhere! Rhymes invite children to look for numerals hidden in the pictures. A one is a rocket headed towards the sun.  A two is the curve of a swan’s neck. This fun way to introduce math to preschoolers focuses on numeral recognition as well as counting.

When Grandfather Flew by Patricia Maclachlan, illustrated by Chris Sheban (Neal Porter Books / Holiday House, for ages 4–8, on sale 7/27/2021)

Milo’s grandfather is fascinated with birds. He admires their freedom and never loses an opportunity to point out the things that make them special. He can’t see like he used to, so Milo helps him.  One day when Milo comes home, Grandpa isn’t there, but when he sees a Bald Eagle swoop through the sky above, he knows Grandpa got his wish of being reborn in the skies.